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Polo Bingo’s Autumn Juicy Jackpots!

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Bingo Fairy’s Party is happening tonight at 8pm, roomies, right here at Polo Bingo™! You can win a £1,000 sliding jackpot, yummy chocolate prizes and thousands of free bingo bonus coins, not to mention free bingo cards! So be sure to be there for your chance to win!

You can also win a £300 cash jackpot plus there’s extra dosh to be won by all 1tg players in Share the Wealth, Polo Bingo’s 90 ball bingo game. If you’re looking for some super cheap bingo games, play our Easy Peasy bingo games, where you can win guaranteed cash jackpots all day long for just 3p per bingo card! There’s £300 to be won every day, so be sure to pop in for a win at Polo Bingo™! We’ve got over 200 bingo, slots and casino games so you’re sure to never be bored!

Now for a real yummy treat….check out this delicious cream-filled pumpkin muffin recipe! It’s so good we here at Polo Bingo HQ ate them all up in less than a day. They’re perfect for the season, spicy and oh-so-scrumptious!

pumpkin cream muffins


Win a Double Jackpot on Friday!

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

The weekend is approaching fast, roomies, and Polo Bingo™ has some lovely sweet surprises in store for you, sure to keep you smiling all weekend long!

Tonight be sure to play Treasure Trove, the 90 ball bingo game with a £300 cash jackpot to be won plus £100 extra up for grabs! Then play Cash Stash tomorrow night , a 75 ball bingo game with a £350 cash prize on offer, with an additional £50 extra dosh. So you can win £400 dosh from each game! Bingo cards are just 10p apiece, so it’s definitely worth your while, roomies!

Want to double that £400 cash jackpot? Then play Polo Bingo’s Seeing Double game Friday night at 9pm, where you’ve got the chance to win a juicy £800 jackpot!  Seeing Double is also a 75 ball bingo game, which means one player will take home the full £800 cash prize!

Win £800 cash