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Gran Goes Wild for Polo Bingo

Thursday, January 24th, 2013


I was playing Self-Made Millionaire at Polo Bingo when my Gran popped by for a visit. “Well, then Brooke, how are we?” She said in predictable Gran-style, mouth puckered primly as she gave my nose a tweak.

This would have been adorable – it was, when I was 8 – but as I’m now 30 it’s a little unnerving. Gran is 86 and still presumably of sound mind, so I felt the need to be a little indulgent. I offered her some tea while she settled in for what looked to be a long visit.

I saw Mum’s face drop a little when she saw Gran was waiting for her – she threw a longing glance at the new Polo Lobby  glittering brightly on my laptop screen – but turned her attention back to Gran.

I don’t usually play bingo, slots or casino games during family get-togethers, but my mum loves bingo just as much as I do so it’s become something of a weekend mother-daughter tradition.