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First Mega Bingo Jackpot Winners of 2014!

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Enjoy the very best bingo, casino and slot games right here at Polo Bingo™!  We’re still celebrating the new year, and so our are mega bingo jackpot winners!

As you know, we had two fun mega bingo jackpots playing on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. First we had the £2014  New Year’s Penny Joy Bingo Jackpot, where players had the chance to win a £2,014 guaranteed cash jackpot for just 1p per bingo card! This year’s winners were bluey114 and weelil7, who split the £2,014 cash prize. Well done, roomies!

Then on 1st January, Polo Bingo once again hopped aboard the Money Train, our £20,000 guaranteed mega bingo jackpot! We’re happy to announce the lucky winners: 1 line winners doline49xx and gilldrummond who took home £2,000 each; 2 line winner donna0061 who nabbed a cool £6,000 cash prize, and our lucky full house winner bonzodog2 who won the ultimate prize, a hefty £10,000 cash win!

2014 new years and money train jackpot winners

Congratulations to all our lucky winners! May 2014 bring you loads more riches and successes!


Win £20k Tonight & Get FREE Tickets to the £55 Grand Bingo Jackpot!

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

Happy 2014, ladies and gentlemen, bingo roomies and Polo Bingo fans!

Here at Polo Bingo™ we’re ringing in the new year right with fabulous promotions, huge mega bingo jackpots, extra bonuses and free bonus coins for you!

2013 went out with a bang, thanks to the £2,014 guaranteed New Year’s Jackpot that played yesterday at 10pm, just a few hours short of the new year. And tonight you can start off 2014 with a staggering jackpot win, when you play the highly-anticipated £20,000 guaranteed Money Train mega bingo jackpot game! The Money Train plays tonight at 10pm, so be there to win your share!

55k grand mega bingo jackpot polo bingo


Everyone WINS at Polo Bingo!

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Polo Bingo™ is continuing with the holiday festivities today by bringing you even more surprises this week!

How does a guaranteed cash jackpot sound, even if you don’t win the game? That’s what Everyone’s a Winner is all about!

This month, play the 1p bingo game Everyone’s a Winner at Polo Bingo, and you’ll win guaranteed! There’s a £200 guaranteed cash jackpot up for grabs. The best part is, even if you don’t win the £200 guaranteed, you’ll STILL get a slice of another £100 guaranteed cash jackpot, just for buying a ticket! That’s right roomies, EVERY CARD WINS! And for just 1p per bingo card, everyone can afford to be a winner!

everyones a winner at Polo Bingo


Polo Bingo Slot Winners

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Polo Bingo™ has got two new slot winners to celebrate!

Toby03 won £1,625 on Fluffy Favourites Slots, and geoff54 won £1,407 on Starburst Slots. WTG, roomies!

polo bingo slot game winners


WTG Polo Bingo Roomies!

Monday, October 21st, 2013

With so many special bingo jackpots, slots, casino and scratchcards it’s no wonder there are so many winners at Polo Bingo™ every day!

This week, we’re celebrating a fabulous win for one of our lovely Polo Bingo players! Here’s a heartfelt congratulations to Winafortune13, who really did win a fortune on Jackhammer 2 Slots, a fantastic £1,314 cash jackpot to be exact! WTG, roomie!

Win on Jackhammer 2 Slots


Win £1 Million on Self Made Millionaire!

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

There’s always loads of huge cash jackpots to be won here at Polo Bingo™, and this week we’re welcoming back a mega bingo jackpot favourite….Self-Made Millionaire!

This marvelous mega bingo jackpot plays on the third Thursday of the month….which is tomorrow, roomies! And there’s a gorgeous £1,000,000 cash jackpot on offer (£1,000 guaranteed). It’s a 75 ball bingo game which means there will be only one winner. Will it be you?! There’s only one way to find out!

The game plays at 10pm and bingo cards are 25p, so be sure to prebuy now for your chance to be Polo Bingo’s next self made millionaire!

self made millionaire

Plus Polo Bingo™ is also giving you a lovely free bonus code for this week! Just use code GO to claim your £6 FREE bingo bonus (or a £7 free bingo bonus if you’re a Polo Bingo™ VIP player). You can use your free bonus code once daily from today until midnight on Sunday, when it turns back into a pumpkin, lol.

Why not warm up before the big game with some 90 ball bingo? Treasure Trove is playing tomorrow at 9pm, bingo cards are just 10p each, and there’s £300 to be won, plus an extra £100 up for grabs to add to your jackpot!

If you’re looking for even more cash jackpots to take home, be sure to play Cash Stash on Thursday to grab another £400 cash prize for just 10p per bingo card.

Still feeling a little cash crazy? The be sure to get your tickets to the £20,000 guaranteed Money Train mega bingo jackpot before this train leaves town! You can also win free bingo cards to the game in the 18 Free Tickets room every day. Best of all, this bingo room is free to play in!

Rihanna Concert Ticket Winners!

Monday, June 17th, 2013

We’ve got our next Rihanna Live bingo winner, and we’re proud to say it’s another Polo Bingo VIP player, Richtich! WTG, roomie!

All month long Polo Bingo is giving players the chance to win FREE tickets to Rihanna’s sold out Manchester Arena concert! Every Saturday play the Rihanna Live bingo game at 10pm to win 2 free tickets to the Rihanna concert.

We’ve already had two winners, and they are both Polo Bingo VIP players. You’ve still got the chance to win more tickets to the Rihanna concert until 9th July, so be sure to play Saturday for your chance to win!

Win rihanna concert tickets from bingo



Will you be the next Polo Bingo Player to Win Rihanna Live?

Monday, June 10th, 2013

Polo Bingo’s Rihanna Live promotion is in full swing, and we’ve got our first winner, roomies!

This past weekend Polo Bingo player ladyoops11 won 2 FREE tickets to Rihanna’s sold out Manchester Arena show! WTG, ladyoops11! (And if no one else can go, we’d be happy to join you, lol!)

Rihanna Concert Tickets



Gran Goes Wild for Polo Bingo

Thursday, January 24th, 2013


I was playing Self-Made Millionaire at Polo Bingo when my Gran popped by for a visit. “Well, then Brooke, how are we?” She said in predictable Gran-style, mouth puckered primly as she gave my nose a tweak.

This would have been adorable – it was, when I was 8 – but as I’m now 30 it’s a little unnerving. Gran is 86 and still presumably of sound mind, so I felt the need to be a little indulgent. I offered her some tea while she settled in for what looked to be a long visit.

I saw Mum’s face drop a little when she saw Gran was waiting for her – she threw a longing glance at the new Polo Lobby  glittering brightly on my laptop screen – but turned her attention back to Gran.

I don’t usually play bingo, slots or casino games during family get-togethers, but my mum loves bingo just as much as I do so it’s become something of a weekend mother-daughter tradition.


5 Things Online Bingo Taught Me About Life

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

A good friend and Polo Bingo player told me how playing bingo online really changed her life (no kidding!) which I just had to write about. With her permission I put these in a list that pretty much sums up how we feel about bingo, as describes by a real Polo Bingo player. See roomies…Playing bingo online really does pay off! 

5 Things Online Bingo Taught Me about Life 

Mega Jackpots, bonus cash prizes and great promotions are part of what makes us bonkers for online bingo, but it isn’t just all fun and games! Believe it or not, this pretty little past-time contains some important life lessons that everyone can benefit from. That’s a real guaranteed win in my book!


5 Things Online Bingo Taught Me About Life

Playing online bingo can teach you a thing or two about life!


1. Take (some) Risk . Live a little! When I first started playing bingo I only played in the free bingo rooms, but I quickly grew bored with the game.

I realized that if I didn’t take some risk, I would also never get the chance to win any funded games or jackpots, plus I would miss out on Polo Bingo’s £1,000 welcome package.

So I deposited my first £10 and became a funded player.Sure, I’ve lost a few quid here and there, but the thrill of the game gave me just the jolt I needed to be more adventurous in other areas, too.

When I won my first jackpot in Payday Bingo, I used my winnings to buy a pair of expensive flashy heels– something I never would have worn before but always wanted.

2. You Win Some, You Lose Some. “Rejoice in your victories and let your losses go,” mum always said, which warranted a lot of eye-rolling from me.

I learned to believe these words of wisdom after getting used to playing bingo online. I lost my first six games of bingo, so I wasn’t too pleased.

Then I won that guaranteed £2,000 jackpot on Payday Bingo!  You’ve heard the rags to riches story a million times before, and the opposite is just as true: you could be dancing diamonds one day and rolling in rubbish the next. 

Life is too short! You can’t predict the future but if you learn to roll with the punches you’ll always come out feeling like a winner.

3. You never know where you’ll meet a friend. I never would have thought I’d make such lovely friends playing online bingo games, but I have!

The chat community turned out to be one of the biggest perks of Polo Bingo, and I’m not just talking of the chat games and free polo chips doled out by the hosts – the roomies themselves keep me entertained.

We give each other tips, offer support, exchange recipes and gift ideas. I even meet up with a few of the girls once a week for drinks or a coffee. We always have something to talk about!

4. Expect the Unexpected. Never, say never ever!  I came to Polo Bingo by pure chance – a good friend sent me a link to the site on Facebook. I clicked on the link and was hooked (and my friend nabbed £10 when I funded!)

Who would’ve thought that playing a few rounds of online bingo would give me the push I needed to break out of my shell (and toss those drab shoes?)

This is going to sound mad but I really believe playing online bingo changed my life for the better.

I don’t believe I would see life the way I do now if it hadn’t been for the experiences I’ve had here – the wins, the losses, the risk and the interaction…all of it!

5. Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. This sums up my bingo experience, and also my new motto for life in general.

Try your best , celebrate your  successes, take what you can from each experience but don’t dwell on your losses.

There’s always tomorrow…and who knows what jackpots or lovely surprises are in store for you at Polo Bingo…and in life!


Have you learned anything from playing online bingo? Share a few lines about your experience and you could win 500 Polo Bingo chips!