Gran Goes Wild for Polo Bingo

January 24th, 2013 | by Brooke Lawrence


I was playing Self-Made Millionaire at Polo Bingo when my Gran popped by for a visit. “Well, then Brooke, how are we?” She said in predictable Gran-style, mouth puckered primly as she gave my nose a tweak.

This would have been adorable – it was, when I was 8 – but as I’m now 30 it’s a little unnerving. Gran is 86 and still presumably of sound mind, so I felt the need to be a little indulgent. I offered her some tea while she settled in for what looked to be a long visit.

I saw Mum’s face drop a little when she saw Gran was waiting for her – she threw a longing glance at the new Polo Lobby  glittering brightly on my laptop screen – but turned her attention back to Gran.

I don’t usually play bingo, slots or casino games during family get-togethers, but my mum loves bingo just as much as I do so it’s become something of a weekend mother-daughter tradition.

The two of us play bingo at Polo together on our laptops, cheering each other on and cracking jokes in chat, keeping the roomies in stitches and WTG-ing till our fingers are wont to pop off.

It’s great fun and we always share our loot when we win, so it’s turned into a 21st century bingo-blasting bonding session.

Gran and mum started on about their health complaints,  so I put on my headphones to give them some quiet and listen to my numbers get called (fingers crossed!) in peace. Just when I had 2TG I heard Gran yelling in her shrill voice.

“BROOKE!!!!! BROOKE!!!!” I jumped. “What is it Gran? I’m right in the middle of a bingo game, I might win the jackpot!”

Gran looked at me disapprovingly. “It’s RUDE to have those ears on when you have visitors.” I saw my mother roll her eyes and I smiled.

“Alright then,” I said, unplugging the headphones with a flourish. The announcer’s voice boomed into action. “RISE AND SHINE, 29!” Gran jumped a little, emitting a squeak  that sounded like it came from a “Fluffy Favourite.” Only this one wasn’t so fluffy. “DANCING QUEEN, 17!

“What’s all this then?” Only 2TG! I shouted. Gran hurried over, suddenly captivated by the screen. She watched as the numbers were called, her eyes lighting up at my 1TG…and when my final “DROOPY DRAWERS, 44!” was called out we all three screamed: I’d just won the £1,000 GTD Jackpot!!

 Seeing Gran’s face transform with excitement was something of a revelation for us all – I’d seen that look before but never imagined it would happen to Gran– she caught the bingo bug!

Neither of these lovely ladies is my gran, but I think this photo captures how she feels when playing at Polo Bingo! (Sorry gran!)

For the second time in her life, my Gran fell madly, passionately in love…. this time, with online bingo. Never have I seen anyone fall so head over-heels in love with the game!

Keep in mind, my Gran had never so much laid a well-manicured finger on a keyboard…I wasn’t even sure she knew what a computer was.  This is a woman who didn’t even let me play “Go Fish” as a child because she said it encouraged “bad behavior.”

Now she’s a high-roller on a #1 UK online bingo site, a self-declared “QUEEN BEE, 73” (even though we all know she’s pushing 90)!

My mild-mannered Gran soon became the social butterfly of online bingo, to our immense shock (and pleasure…I got a  £10 bonus for “recommending” a “friend” who then became a funded player).

But she certainly learned everything there was to know about the game fast – including all the jackpots up for grabs in each room and which players favoured each room.She’s become our in-house expert on instant and slot games as well.

Gran has proved to us all that its never too late to have a go at new things…especially online bingo, slots and casino games at Polo Bingo.

Do you know someone who loves bingo and online slot games as much as my gran? Tell us your story and you could win 2,000 FREE bingo chips!

Now THIS is definitely my gran, doing what she does best…winning at bingo!


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